Electronic Games Tucked

I'm not going to frighten either of these super-gamers, either, but constant exposure to the games and a fair bit of practice have made me more than a match for the average arcader. So I was pretty confident when I sauntered over to where they were playing, jingled the coins in my pocket with undeniable saviore faire, and asked if I could join their little informal competition.

I don't know if it was the look of determination in my eye or the copy of the first issue of Electronic Games Tucked under my arm, but they not only invited me to play schloss konflikt hack android, but they insisted I should take my turn immediately."I love these maze-chase games," I chuckled as I gripped the control stick and began to move the little gobbler around a playfield that somehow didn't seem quite right.Of course, those extra scrolling tunnels should have warned me. 

I had barely begun the first round when a goblin that roared through the corridors like it was jet-propelled, barrelled right into my defenseless muncher.The second "life" wasn't much better. I turned the southwest corner and--no power pill! As my hand hesitated on the lever, the goblins quickly surrounded and dispatched my on-screen surrogate.As the third round began, 

I located one of the pulsating energizers and made a bee-line for it. The four goblins lined up behind me, just the way Ken Uston promised they would. I ate the pill and quickly reversed direction, anxious to turn the tables and gobble up a batch of bonus points. The meanies flashed blue once, twice and then--they were back to normal in time to deflate my final gobbler before it could eat even the one directly on its heels!I don't know whether the machine's nearly indecipherable lettering read "Pick-man", "Puc-man" or "Park-man", but I do know that was the day I decided that no knock-off machine would ever get another quarter from me.Knock-offs don't just hurt the manufacturer of the original game, they are bad for arcaders, too. 

Almost invariably, the knock-off machine will be a super-tough version of the real thing that simply doesn't give the gamer a fair chance to demonstrate his or her skill.So I don't mess around with uknown quantities. If I don't see the real coin-op machines, I pour my change back into my pocket and go elsewhere.Let's save our precious quarters for the genuine article, not a cut-rate copy!